Voice FAQ 

Entdecken Sie alles, was Sie wissen müssen, um mit die Google Sprachassistenten zu reservieren

What can the assistant do for me?

She can search for a restaurant and book a table. The assistant is also able to check the availability for you or cancel a current reservation.

How does voice work?

Voice assistant are an easy way to be productive whilst your hands are busy or it’s maybe too cold to type on your phone. Once asked ”book me restaurant X for 2 people at 20:00” our Voice assistant checks directly on the Restaurant X table set up and comes back to you with the answer! If your restaurant is not available by the time you asked, it will suggest the closest slots in the 2 hours before and after your requested time. Note it only works for the restaurants sharing with us their table set up. See “Which are the directly bookable restaurants” to know more.

What do I need to do to use the voice assistant? 

Our local voice assistant is leveraging Google technology. You then need to download the Google Assistant app(e.g., for iOS phones), if not already there (to see which phones are supported, please check out more directly here (hyperlink: https://assistant.google.com/platforms/phones/). Please also make sure you have “German” among your Google assistant languages, or add it in the Google Assistant Settings if not already there.How does voice work?

Do i need a local.ch profile /app to use the assistant?

No, as long as you have access to the Google Assistant you can use our voice services without a profile. Nevertheless, if you're willing to finalise a booking, you'd need a local.ch profile that you can easily create upon our assistant guidance. The email you'll insert is indeed where you'll receive your booking-confirmation email. Also, there is no need to download the local.ch app, even though we highly recommend it to have all our information in a fingertip.

How do I get the local assistant start?

As we're leveraging the Google assistant technology, you need to “invoke” our local assistant to get from her what you need.It's like opening an app. To do so, ask your Google assistant to talk to us by saying z.B: “Ehy Google, frage local”. Please find other “invocation” alternatives here, under German language (hyperlink: https://developers.google.com/assistant/console/la... ) or in the image below

On which devices can I use the local Voice assistant?

The local Voice assistant currently works on all smartphones (iOS and Android). If on your phone you don't have the Google Assistant, you need to download it (e.g., for iOs devices).

Which language does the local voice assistant understand and speak?

.The voice assistant currently only understands German and speaks German. In the future we will provide further languages.By now please make sure you set “German” as the main language in your google assistant settings.

Where can I search for restaurants with the Voice assistant?

The assistant currently finds the most suitable restaurants for you in Zurich. In the future we will provide further cities.

Which are the bookable restaurants?

Only the restaurant sharing their table set up with us are bookable with one sentence. If you search for “the best rated Italian restaurant “near you “ and you see a blue calendar icon on the top right, it means it’s directly bookable. There is no blue icon on the restaurant of your interest? No problem, you’ll be redirected to the restaurant detail page on local.ch where you can find more info or directly call in one click. 

Interested in knowing more? Have a look here!

How to find the most relevant results?

Make sure you mention all the criteria important for you. The results displayed will take them all into account. If you use too many filters, there is a risk that there will be no matching results. The assistant will then suggest that you perhaps start a new search using only the filters that are relevant to you.

Which are the possible search options

  • Specific cuisine: Whether it's Japanese, Lebanese or Bourgeois, I can find what your heart desires.
  • Specialities: Do you love pizza, a delicious brunch or vegan food? Just ask for it.
  • Ambience: Are you looking for a romantic dinner for two? You can also book a restaurant with a terrace or by the lake.
  • Allergies: A lactose-free diet necessary? Ich finde für dich "glutenfrei" und mehr.
  • Services: Are you going to a restaurant with a wheelchair, child or laptop? Ask for "wheelchair accessible" or "child-friendly" restaurants.
  • Location: Are you meeting a friend for lunch at Hardbrücke? Or do you need urgent food? Then just ask for a restaurant near you, e.g. "nearby restaurant".
  • Payment method: No cash? No problem, ask for "VISA", "American Express" or "Reka"

We continuously add new search options to provide you the best experience of your local food options.

Why I’m asked to sign in?

To finalise a booking the restaurant needs your email. Indeed that’s where they’ll send you the confirmation email for the booking and it will also work as a calendar reminder.

Why I’m asked to share my location?

Every time you ask for a restaurant near you, we will remind you, according to the current data policy, that we will retrieve the data from your Google account. Only if you agree, we will proceed and show you the relevant restaurants you have requested.

Why I keep seeing the tutorial? 

Your are perceived as a ‘Guest’. Guest users are supposed to be first time users and we are showing them the tutorial to instruct them on how to make the best use of the assistant. Nevertheless, deepening on your setting you might be perceived as a "Guest" even if you’re not. Here what you can do to avoid it:

1. Web- & App-Aktivitäten
Klicke auf "Google-Konto verwalten" und dann auf "Daten & Personalisierung". Dort muss die Einstellung "Web- und App-Aktivitäten" aktiviert sein.

2. Persönliche Ergebnisse
Klicke auf "Personalisierung" und überprüfe, ob "Persönliche Ergebnisse" aktiviert ist.

3. Voice Match
Klicke auf "Voice Match", dann auf "Sprachmodell" und trainiere dein Sprachmodell neu.

So können wir sicherstellen, dass der Google Assistant dich erkennen und wir für dich Buchungen vornehmen können.