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The free first listing is always created under your name in the locality in which you are connected to the telephone network. You may choose to only publish your address without specifying a landline or mobile telephone number. However, to ensure you can be found in cases of urgency, you should also register your spouse, your mobile number or your e-mail address. Your first listing in the official directories of is free, independent of your telecom provider.

It is important that you are registered on, as many service providers use the app on their mobile phones. If you order a pizza, flowers or call a taxi, for example, the service provider can access your correct details quickly if you are listed on This makes ordering and deliveries much easier for both you and the service provider.

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  • First and last names
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  • Maiden name
  • Other first names

  • Street and house number
  • Postcode and town

  • Telephone number
  • Mobile number
  • Fax

  • E-mail address

Take advantage of free advertising blocking (starred listing *)

Would you rather not receive unwelcome advertising via your landline, mobile phone or e-mail? If so, add a star (*) to your address in our directories. This indicates to advertising companies that calls may not be made to non-customers. You can have the star (*) added to your listing on

You will find other ways to protect yourself from annoying telemarketing calls and unwelcome promotional mail in our blog.

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Please note the listing rules which govern the relationship between Swisscom Directories AG and customers who register their participant data in the directories.

If you have any other questions, our customer service will be happy to help.