Locked out or lost your key? Book a locksmith for a fixed price

It happens quickly: the house or car door locks shut and you can’t find the key. Only a locksmith can help! This is where localXpress, the online intermediary for emergency door-opening services, comes into play: thanks to the intermediary service, consumers are protected from being ripped off by dubious providers in emergencies. And locksmiths receive short-notice jobs directly on their mobile, allowing them to optimise their workload.

Losing a key or getting locked out means time-consuming researching for consumers. Locksmiths are often found and called via local.ch, search.ch, Google or other directories. However, consumers have no idea whether the locksmith has any capacity – or whether it is even a reputable service provider.

localsearch offers a simple solution: localXpress arranges emergency door-opening services between consumers and registered, available locksmiths.

How localXpress works
Consumers can directly appoint locksmiths online via local.ch, Switzerland’s largest directory platform. The fixed prices are communicated to consumers in an open and transparent way when they make the enquiry, so they know the cost of the service in advance. Accordingly, there are no unnecessary discussions when the locksmith arrives.

If there is an enquiry from the region in which the registered locksmith operates, they receive an SMS with a link to the job overview in the specially developed localXpress app.

This shows the location and the service requested, including the price – then the locksmith decides whether they wish to take on the job or not. The customer only sees who has taken on the job once a locksmith has accepted it.

Location tracking is activated by the app, so the customer can estimate when the locksmith will arrive (location data isn’t stored – only the current location is shown until the job is finished). Once the task has been completed, the job is closed in the app and settled on-site with the customer.

More customers for reputable locksmiths
localXpress is based on clearly defined fixed prices for clearly defined services. Fair fixed prices create transparency, benefiting both consumers and locksmiths, as the latter can distance themselves from dubious service providers in the market and position themselves accordingly. You’ll find everything you need to know about collaborating with localXpress as a locksmith here: https://xpress.local.ch/locksmith/partner

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