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Are you looking for the addresses and telephone numbers of individuals or companies? Or a business’s opening hours? Would you like to reserve a table in your favourite restaurant or are you looking for a restaurant with enough seats available on a particular date? Do you prefer making bookings online? Perhaps you would like to take advantage of the tips for family days out in the localGuide, or the special offers in the local.ch app? 

local.ch provides support and inspiration both online and offline. We bring together countless service providers and customers on local.ch, with our local.ch app and via the localGuide.

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As a company or a private individual, your contact details are published in the right place in the local.ch directories. You decide where your listing is entered and what information you wish to provide.

As a private individual, you get a free first listing in the official local.ch directories. In addition, you benefit from attractive features such as online table reservations and booking of services, the helpful caller ID service, and the telemarketing blocker.

As a business, your presence on local.ch connects you to numerous potential customers. local.ch ensures that you are found quickly, easily and accurately by customers. We also support you by providing targeted advertising products, helping you to attract the attention of both existing and future customers.

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